AMG-FECHOZ company, leader of the scenic equipment in France.

AMG-FECHOZ, an independent French Company, is leader in France of stage machinery, with the capacity to carry out complete projects as from the earlier design up to the complete implementation of the equipment and to the customer services.

Our key point is the specialization of AMG-FECHOZ activity totally devoted to the design, the manufacturing, the installation, and the maintenance of the scenic places (theatres, operas, auditoriums, museums, concert hall…)

AMG – FECHOZ knows how to implement, on turnkey basis, a complete scenic project complying with the request of project owners and project contractors. AMG-FECHOZ covers the complete realization of a scenographic project from pre-study to commissioning.

Every scenic project is unique and specific for which AMG-FECHOZ implements a custom achievement.


Our Skills

  • Equipment and machinery

    The skills of our design office enable us to tackle all the latest and most innovative scenographic techniques by creating them in 3D

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  • Maintenance

    Nous assurons la maintenance des équipements scéniques grâce à une équipe de techniciens spécialisés dans le domaine. Une télémaintenance peut également être mise ...

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  • Catalog

    Browse and download our latest catalog in french:    

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