Our design office, which specialises exclusively in stage machinery, develops and innovates new technologies in this field, thanks to a team of 12 engineers and designers.

Equipped with 20 CAD/CAM workstations, our teams adapt their design and production tools to the needs and complexities of each project, always with a view to collaboration between project managers and inter-company synthesis (mainly using AUTOCAD, ADVANCE STEEL, INVENTOR, ROBOT, CANECO, etc.).

Our manufacturing and assembly launches are organised around three workshops: the carpentry and metalwork workshop (11 employees) and the mechanical workshop (10 employees).

Each of our workshops has a surface area of 6,000 m2 and 4,500 m2 respectively for manufacturing, assembly and outside storage before shipment to our construction sites.

Our teams of experienced engineers and technicians are constantly renewing their skills with the younger generations to pass on our knowledge.

Throughout all our projects, 14 engineers, 8 works supervisors, 10 site managers, 10 team leaders and 22 specialised scenic fitters carry out our projects to the highest standards.

More than 35 AMG-FECHOZ vehicles criss-cross the roads of France to work on construction and maintenance sites for all venues in France and Europe.