As our company specialises exclusively in the production of scenotechnical equipment, we have qualified personnel within the company who are suited to the needs of each project and who have received the necessary training to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with current safety regulations.

Safety briefings are held to ensure that information and requirements are fed back to the workers, and to pass on safety instructions and work methods. These are essential to ensure that the work is carried out in complete safety, while respecting the health and hygiene of our employees.


Our company bases its strategy for progress and growth on the quality of our products and services. Our commitment to providing our customers with services that meet their needs is underpinned by the implementation of a policy of progress through quality and environmental management.

At the heart of this management structure, quality control defines and enriches all our operational activities. To this end, we have studied all our project processes to define each procedure in detail (see appendices to the technical brief). Thanks to these quality management tools, we are now applying Deming’s PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) as part of a policy of continuous improvement.


We never overlook the possibility of using INTEGRATION staff. For all our projects, we reinforce our team of site managers by employing local technicians (depending on the geographical location) for the entire duration of the project and independently of the integration employees that we integrate on all our projects according to the required qualifications.
We are in constant contact with thefrench unemployment office, which refers us to specialised employment agencies such as Pro Emploi and Adecco, so that we can employ people on integration schemes for suitable work.


As part of our proactive environmental approach and in order to limit the nuisances generated by our various activities, AMG-FECHOZ has set up an Environmental Organisation Scheme applicable to worksites.

We carry out “low nuisance” worksites, in particular by developing ways of optimising staff travel and reducing noise pollution on the worksite.

Site technicians and site managers have integrated mechanisms ranging from the daily recovery of packaging, rubble and waste to sorting before disposal. Cleaning of interior and exterior huts, access roads and passageways, as well as work areas, is also carried out on a daily basis.

We also develop equipment whose ENERGY CONSUMPTION is controlled and reduced, thanks in particular to the technology of reinjecting current into the drives.